Don’t lose yourself

I’ve seen many disturbing things that make me question humanity. I have seen them on social media & I have seen them in real life. Both are very terrifying. While I believe that it might be true that we are the only ones who are able to control our emotions (this takes time and a lot of practice), that does not mean we don’t ALLOW other people to control our emotions. Meaning, if you say something mean to me online, it is up to me to take offense to it or not, what happens to me will depend on how I react. Will I get hurt and sit there and cry, which will most likely lead me to some horrible thoughts? or Will I get hurt, recognize why I’m hurt by those words, and then move on? But, why are YOU being mean in the first place? why are you saying those things to me? We literally must see both sides. Why are you saying mean things to me? Why are you trying to hurt others? What makes you want to say that to me? What feeling do you feel when you say that to me? Does it make you feel better or worse? But at the same time Why am I taking offense to what you’re saying? What do I feel when you say that to me? Does it bother me?
See, in my opinion, we must reach a state of mind where other people’s words don’t phase us, but not because we turn into superhumans or anything wild like that, simply because we begin to recognize that we have the choice, to choose how to react to someone or something.

I am a HUGE believer (from experience & research) that what happens to you after a problem, is how you react to that problem. Will you do nothing and complain about it? Hoping a miracle will someday happen. Or will you stop complaining about it, get up and find a solution to it?! Think about which one will bring you a quicker solution, and then finally peace.

But I am going to say this, the whole point of this post is because in my opinion, there are still A LOT of people out there who aren’t aware of this or aren’t simply aware of how to control their emotions, their anger, their sadness, so we must be careful of 1. Not being mean to others & 2. How we’re reacting when people are being mean to us.
Just please understand that everyone is in their own head nowadays, literally, everyone is in their own feelings. Sometimes they say mean things not understanding what it might mean to the other person, or how the other person will react to it.
So pleeeease stop telling people to “kill themselves”, some people do it!! Do some of you really don’t care? About another human being? Because you don’t know them? Because you want likes? Because you want seconds of fame? Why? Why do you say things like that to people?

When I “argue” with someone, I just simply try to understand the logic behind their opinion, so I can understand it, and then I’ll explain my side, so they can understand it. But Jesus, I will neeeeeeeeever tell someone something so cruel and so evil like that. I have read like 10 posts between  last night and this morning alone on people making jokes on someone committing suicide. 😦  Y’all be the FIRST people, when situations like this actually happen, that be like “oh no one was there for them”. That’s because y’all were too busy looking for fame and bullying this person online…not taking 5 secs to understand how this would make the other person feel or not taking another 5 secs to ask yourself why are you doing this?
I don’t give up. Because I understand that there are other people out there who understand what I’m saying. And I want to bring awareness to people out there. Not everyone has reached this level of consciousness yet, people will get really hurt by words. Stop being so mean. What are you gaining form it?



Lastly, if anyone reading this ever feels sad or hurt and needs someone to talk to, my DM is ALWAYS open. I MEAN THAT. I genuinely care about others ❤ Love you guys<3 🙂



My mom doesn’t have hope in me. She legit thinks I’ll be a failure. Does anyone out there understand how hard it is on your soul to be criticized on a daily basis, every single time they see you, by someone who brought you into this world? Sometimes I question if she has any type of love for me. And of course, people always say “she is your mother she HAS to love you” , but does she?

She isn’t a bad person to anyone else, in fact, she is a wonderful person to everyone else. What did I do? I’m not a bad person, a bad child.

But, I do yell at her sometimes because she triggers my soul. She triggers me and then plays the victim when I REACT. A lot of people are doing this nowadays. It’s not purposely & I try to control it. But, God knows. That every single person in this world has a limit. I love her with my entire soul and more if that’s possible, but I do regret not having a close relationship with her. I do regret her treating me like crap, calling me names, telling me I won’t be anyone in life.

And honestly, it keeps me going.

Because I don’t understand her logic to treating me the way she does. “Has never hugged me or told me she loves me because it wasn’t done to her. But, isn’t that EXACTLY why you SHOULD GIVE ME LOVE.

Lord, lord knows my son gets annoyed with me because I kiss him a little too much, I give him OVERlove. I NEVER want him to feel alone, because honestly, in my opinion of course, it is one of the most painful feelings in the world.

It’s even worse when you aren’t alone.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because If there is ONE person out there who can relate to this, than you understand me & I understand you. You’re not alone and I want you to know whether it’s your mom or not. You are strong and we kinda have to be extra strong because we have to be strong for us and for them because they don’t know how to function any other way. They’ll never change, because the ONLY reason they’ll change is if they WANT to change, and they wont want to because they don’t know better, they don’t know different. They’re very close minded.

Don’t lose yourself. Please

God only puts us in situations that he knows we can handle but at the same time I want YOU to understand that we LITERALLY have the power to flourish or destroy our lives. It’s all about how you REACT to life in general.

If you never received love as a child, does it make sense not to want to give love to YOUR child? The love YOU never received.

If someone from the opposite sex hurts you, does it make sense to pay with EVERYONE ELSE THAT COMES AFTER THEM, because ONE person hurt you?

Do you see where I’m going with this? Does this make sense?

I’m a Taurus, we are known to hold our emotions in. It’s been 20+ yrs of this shit.

I’m READY 🗣🧠

I love you guys, from a real one to a real one💕

Meditation 5- Be the Peaceful Warrior


Book – “My pocket Meditations” – Meera Lester

(link to purchase book below, in case anyone is interested)


  1. Assume the right- sided warrior pose, one of the most graceful of all yoga poses. It strengthens the lower back, the thighs, the arms, and the legs while bestowing grace, courage, and peace. This wide-stance pose has the right food in a forward position while the left foot is a shoulder-width behind and perpendicular to the right. The left hand rests on the left thigh as the right hand stretches upward as if reaching for the sun like a mighty warrior.
  2. Breathe out. With tenderness and gentleness, push your pelvis down and hold the posture as would as a peaceful warriors. Smile with sincerity. Continue breathing out as you descend.
  3. Breathing in, come up. Then, breathe out as you lower your hands to your sides and repeat the posture on the left side.
  4. Release any tension the body is holding with the exhaled breath. Feel the balance. Feel the strength. Notice the stamina and balance in your body. Feel how strong yet peaceful each part of your body has become.
  5. Realize that this is the peaceful strength embraced by the shaolin warriors.


This is very cool! because I legit have a tattoo on my arm that says “PEACEFUL WARRIOR” 🙂 so this was pretty dope for me! ❤

🐤☟𝓪𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓸𝓷 𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓴☟🌷


💙☟𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖊𝖘 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖓𝖔𝖇𝖑𝖊 𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖐☟🐸

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I’m starting to feel like some people are starting to confuse (self) LOVE with greediness. Yes, we MUST love ourselves but NO, that does NOT mean we must be mean to other people! We are all in this together, even when we are doing it alone. Like, some people are legit on some “I’m doing me fuck everybody” type shit, excuse my French. Ladies & Gentlemen! “I’m doing meis THE MOOD! But not “fuck everybody” . You can build an empire on your own, but you’re going to need a TEAM to MAINTAIN IT.  Being mean will at the end leave you alone. And if that’s how you want to live, fine. I am ALL ABOUT MYSELF! But, I am also all about others. No bad intentions in my soul because you see, I want to make it in life, but I want to make sure other people are making it with me. But, that’s just me. I think there is room for everyone. YES, we must TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES, but don’t cut off EVERYONE because not EVERYONE is mean. Some people are just as focused as you. Keep them around, trust me y’all feed off each other’s energy.


Meditation 4 – A walking Meditation on PEACE


BOOK– “My pocket Meditations” – Meera Lester

Pg. 21


  1. Choose a place for a quiet walk in nature- perhaps across a meadow, around a lake, into the mountains or desert, or through a garden.
  2. Tread Softly. Open your heart. Surrender to the blessings of all is good and beautiful in each moment.
  3. Notice the peace in your environment, how nature synthesizes opposites in a harmonious way.
  4. Maintain a calm, present-centered awareness of your body and your feelings as you stroll.
  5. As peace descends upon you like a diaphanous veil, send peace from your heart to others with the knowledge that your thoughts, intentions, and emotions are carrying the current if peace ti whomever you have chosen to receive it .

If you can’t take a walk in nature, you can do it from home. Just envision it like the previous meditations. :) ❤ 


Do it with passion, the right people will follow

There is SO much growth in passion, no matter how many parties are involved. 

Let’s say you host an event about something that you’re PASSIONATE about. You are looking for supporters, people who can relate, people who you can grow with and share the same passion as you.

In this event, only 10 people out of 100, relate to you and support you. What would some of us do next in this situation? Instead of admiring, appreciating and GROWING WITH the 10 who related to us, we STRESS THE 90 THAT DIDN’T!!!

Not understanding that those 10 have SO MUCH MORE POTENTIAL at growing with us than those 90 BECAUSE they share that same passion with us.

Grab those 10, move to another place, another “Event” and keep growing, it takes time. People see those 90 as a loss, so they miss the chance of growing with the 10. Not realizing how much potential those 10 have. Those 10 will give it their all, their best and people will notice, and they will join, then those 10 will be 15, then 20, then 100 and so on. But we have to build it with the right people who have the same passion.

Those 90 may seem like a loss now but those 10 will be worth so much more in the long run.