Do it with passion, the right people will follow

There is SO much growth in passion, no matter how many parties are involved. 

Let’s say you host an event about something that you’re PASSIONATE about. You are looking for supporters, people who can relate, people who you can grow with and share the same passion as you.

In this event, only 10 people out of 100, relate to you and support you. What would some of us do next in this situation? Instead of admiring, appreciating and GROWING WITH the 10 who related to us, we STRESS THE 90 THAT DIDN’T!!!

Not understanding that those 10 have SO MUCH MORE POTENTIAL at growing with us than those 90 BECAUSE they share that same passion with us.

Grab those 10, move to another place, another “Event” and keep growing, it takes time. People see those 90 as a loss, so they miss the chance of growing with the 10. Not realizing how much potential those 10 have. Those 10 will give it their all, their best and people will notice, and they will join, then those 10 will be 15, then 20, then 100 and so on. But we have to build it with the right people who have the same passion.

Those 90 may seem like a loss now but those 10 will be worth so much more in the long run.




2 thoughts on “Do it with passion, the right people will follow

  1. I feel you on this and it spoke to me. In the past I have search for acceptance in others but as you stated, sometimes a part of our lives isn’t meant for those people. Learning to accept THAT is difficult but growth. Viewing life in another perspective is needed to remain focused and positive.

    -Stay Golden, Ainat

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    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read & reply. It is hard, but it indeed makes us grow like you mentioned. ❤ I also used to search for acceptance, until I realized that the right people will accept and relate to my passion 🙂 xoxo


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