Meditation 4 – A walking Meditation on PEACE


BOOK– “My pocket Meditations” – Meera Lester

Pg. 21


  1. Choose a place for a quiet walk in nature- perhaps across a meadow, around a lake, into the mountains or desert, or through a garden.
  2. Tread Softly. Open your heart. Surrender to the blessings of all is good and beautiful in each moment.
  3. Notice the peace in your environment, how nature synthesizes opposites in a harmonious way.
  4. Maintain a calm, present-centered awareness of your body and your feelings as you stroll.
  5. As peace descends upon you like a diaphanous veil, send peace from your heart to others with the knowledge that your thoughts, intentions, and emotions are carrying the current if peace ti whomever you have chosen to receive it .

If you can’t take a walk in nature, you can do it from home. Just envision it like the previous meditations. :) ❤ 



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