Don’t lose yourself

I’ve seen many disturbing things that make me question humanity. I have seen them on social media & I have seen them in real life. Both are very terrifying. While I believe that it might be true that we are the only ones who are able to control our emotions (this takes time and a lot of practice), that does not mean we don’t ALLOW other people to control our emotions. Meaning, if you say something mean to me online, it is up to me to take offense to it or not, what happens to me will depend on how I react. Will I get hurt and sit there and cry, which will most likely lead me to some horrible thoughts? or Will I get hurt, recognize why I’m hurt by those words, and then move on? But, why are YOU being mean in the first place? why are you saying those things to me? We literally must see both sides. Why are you saying mean things to me? Why are you trying to hurt others? What makes you want to say that to me? What feeling do you feel when you say that to me? Does it make you feel better or worse? But at the same time Why am I taking offense to what you’re saying? What do I feel when you say that to me? Does it bother me?
See, in my opinion, we must reach a state of mind where other people’s words don’t phase us, but not because we turn into superhumans or anything wild like that, simply because we begin to recognize that we have the choice, to choose how to react to someone or something.

I am a HUGE believer (from experience & research) that what happens to you after a problem, is how you react to that problem. Will you do nothing and complain about it? Hoping a miracle will someday happen. Or will you stop complaining about it, get up and find a solution to it?! Think about which one will bring you a quicker solution, and then finally peace.

But I am going to say this, the whole point of this post is because in my opinion, there are still A LOT of people out there who aren’t aware of this or aren’t simply aware of how to control their emotions, their anger, their sadness, so we must be careful of 1. Not being mean to others & 2. How we’re reacting when people are being mean to us.
Just please understand that everyone is in their own head nowadays, literally, everyone is in their own feelings. Sometimes they say mean things not understanding what it might mean to the other person, or how the other person will react to it.
So pleeeease stop telling people to “kill themselves”, some people do it!! Do some of you really don’t care? About another human being? Because you don’t know them? Because you want likes? Because you want seconds of fame? Why? Why do you say things like that to people?

When I “argue” with someone, I just simply try to understand the logic behind their opinion, so I can understand it, and then I’ll explain my side, so they can understand it. But Jesus, I will neeeeeeeeever tell someone something so cruel and so evil like that. I have read like 10 posts between  last night and this morning alone on people making jokes on someone committing suicide. 😦  Y’all be the FIRST people, when situations like this actually happen, that be like “oh no one was there for them”. That’s because y’all were too busy looking for fame and bullying this person online…not taking 5 secs to understand how this would make the other person feel or not taking another 5 secs to ask yourself why are you doing this?
I don’t give up. Because I understand that there are other people out there who understand what I’m saying. And I want to bring awareness to people out there. Not everyone has reached this level of consciousness yet, people will get really hurt by words. Stop being so mean. What are you gaining form it?



Lastly, if anyone reading this ever feels sad or hurt and needs someone to talk to, my DM is ALWAYS open. I MEAN THAT. I genuinely care about others ❤ Love you guys<3 🙂


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