Benefits of Vision Boards

I am making this post because I have been making vision boards since 2014 & I’m pretty much never going to stop. They are so beneficial! For (me), not only does it help me see what I really want, it reminds me of my goals in difficult times and when obstacles arise! I am a huge believer of the law of attraction. I am also a visual learner, so it helps me to see what I want everyday. I place it somewhere where I can easily see it no matter where in the room I stand. Any time I feel sad or feel like giving up, I look at it and it motivates me again. Some of the things on my vision board have already been completed or I have already made contact with. For example, the school I wanted to attend, I placed their logo on my vision board & I got accepted and start in April 2019. I have certain amount of income that I want to make a week, and I received an offer recently really close to it! One of the schools I had up there, already graduated from. It’s not magic. It’s a vision YOU create. It’s like a plan, put EVERYTHING you want on it. House, Family, Love, jobs, schools, WHATEVER! Place it somewhere you can see it. It’s all about energy and what you attract. The same way they tell you “surround yourself with good, successful people so you can succeed”, it’s the same thing. Let’s say you want a house by a beautiful view, at the time cutting one from a magazine and pasting it on a board might seem silly, but with time you will work on making those goals come true. It makes you think of ways you can accomplish them. So many people want to have faith in things, but seem to lack faith in themselves.

  • It keeps you FOCUSED
  • It gives you a clearer picture of what you want
  • It INSPIRES and MOTIVATES you, especially when you state receiving
  • It guides you

On days that you feel like giving up, it gives you hope, reminds you what you’re working for, what you can have

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My vision board ❤

DM me is you have any questions 🙂 ❤




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