Meditation 3- Peaceful coexistence with the earth



Book- “My pocket meditations” – Meera Lester



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Do it with passion, the right people will follow

There is SO much growth in passion, no matter how many parties are involved. 

Let’s say you host an event about something that you’re PASSIONATE about. You are looking for supporters, people who can relate, people who you can grow with and share the same passion as you.

In this event, only 10 people out of 100, relate to you and support you. What would some of us do next in this situation? Instead of admiring, appreciating and GROWING WITH the 10 who related to us, we STRESS THE 90 THAT DIDN’T!!!

Not understanding that those 10 have SO MUCH MORE POTENTIAL at growing with us than those 90 BECAUSE they share that same passion with us.

Grab those 10, move to another place, another “Event” and keep growing, it takes time. People see those 90 as a loss, so they miss the chance of growing with the 10. Not realizing how much potential those 10 have. Those 10 will give it their all, their best and people will notice, and they will join, then those 10 will be 15, then 20, then 100 and so on. But we have to build it with the right people who have the same passion.

Those 90 may seem like a loss now but those 10 will be worth so much more in the long run.



Meditation 2- The Serene Mind Engenders Joy


“My pocket Meditations” – Meera Lester

pg. 19


  1. With eyes closed, direct your attention to the space between your brows. This will be your focal point for this mediation. Gently gaze into that space without straining.
  2. As thoughts or emotions arise to threaten your peace, don’t try to reason, deny, or argue them away. That would be conflicting and counterproductive, derailing your meditation. Don’t be hard on yourself but rater practice patience and loving kindness. Maintain a detached awareness of what arises during meditation.
  3. In Buddhism, inner peace isn’t a static condition. It is a dynamic state brimming with insight, perception, knowledge, and compassion.
  4. Hold on to the awareness of that inner peace. Carry that joyful serenity unhindered into your day.

I didn’t forget about you guys! I promise to stay consistent ❤ ENJOY! ❤

Meditation 1- Quiet Mind, Open Heart


“My Pocket Meditations” – Meera Lester


Day 1- Instructions

  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Remove your shoes as well as jewelry, ties, and belts that bind.
  2. Choose comfortable sitting position. Support your buttocks with pillows, if necessary.
  3. Straighten your spine. Rest open palms on your thighs. If you tend to feel chilly, place a soft throw around your shoulders and over your lap.
  4. Close your eyes. Take a couple of cleansing breathes and then breathe in and out in a slow rhythm. Relax. Mentally let go of thoughts about your external environment. Let your heart be open and receptive.
  5. Imagine your mind is a mountain lake. Your restless thoughts are ripples pushed by an air stream across the surface. When the breeze stop, the lake becomes still. Imagine the lake’s surface reflecting the full moon; it’s light is the Divine source of calm and well-being. Absorb the calm. Let peaceful awareness permeate your being.

Side note- it helps ME to write in a journal how I felt before and how I felt after the practice. Sometimes you can notice the change of mood when you write it down 🙂 ❤ Thank you ❤ Hope you guys enjoy it.

Meditation/self-awareness challenge

Where I live, everyone lives a very fast paced life. Some people do not have time to center themselves. In my opinion, meditation is crucial to sanity. I decided to do a #meditationchallenge

I’ll post each day, they’ll ALL be from these two books, You can join if you want, at your own time. You don’t have to let me know, only if you want to. I’ll keep sharing in case anyone is interested in doing them with me 🙂 If you have any questions you can ALWAYS DM me! 🙂 ❤

We should all make time to center ourselves, to FOCUS on ourselves, our feelings and emotions. To understand them we must go deep into our mind. We must concentrate. In my opinion, meditation is not about silencing your mind, but about becoming AWARE of it. What are you feeling? and why?

There are SO many benefits to meditation and SELF CARE in general…

I’ll post Day 1 in a little bit. 🙂

Remember, you are AMAZING! 🙂 we aren’t meant to be perfect, we were meant to kick ass 😉

img_1227I bought these two beautiful books in #barnesandnoble ❤

You’re not alone

Leaving your comfort zone is very scary. But honestly, leaving your comfort zone is the way to succeed. A lot of times some of us are scared to leave that comfort zone because we’re scared of what other people might think and say. But that’s the thing, the thing that discomforts my soul a little. AS LONG AS YOU ARE DOING WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, TRUST ME, THE RIGHT PEOPLE WILL SHOW. We only get one shot, I don’t know if I have a life after this or had one before, I can only speak about NOW, THEREFORE, WE MUST GIVE IT THE BEEEEEST WE GOT! I GENUINELY CARE ABOUT PEOPLE AND THIS WORLD, I KNOW THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO STILL DO TOO! So if you are one of them and you are reading this and for one sec you have doubted yourself, know that you are not alone. A lot of us are scared, a lot of us want to get out of that comfort zone and don’t know how. It’s a process and people give up. But it’s so worth it. Please please please please please do NOT let people stop YOU from accomplishing your dreams! It takes time! it takes work! it takes discipline! It takes willpower! but we are ALL capable of mastering it. I’m just tired of seeing so much negativity, I want people to succeed, I want people to wake up and realize how much POTENTIAL we ALL have and there is most DEFINITELY room for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. We all have a purpose, we are all GREAT!

It’s okay to be afraid

It’s alright to be afraid, we are humans. We are allowed to feel scared, especially when change is happening. But why must we hold on to that fear for so long? Maybe it’s simply because we continuously doubt ourselves. We do not understand that we are FULL of potential and we have it in us. Whether it’s because people told you that you weren’t good enough growing up or maybe you kept failing at something you really wanted to do. Whatever the reason for the doubts may be, please understand that we have the power to succeed in all areas of our lives. We must keep trying, it is indeed very challenging, but I promise you it is very rewarding and worth it. Quit that old job that makes you feel miserable, get that new job that you want so badly. Work on your dreams, don’t be scared to fail, and if you do feel scared don’t hold on to that fear for too long, because it might kill your will power and your chances of ever making it happen. We must trust ourselves and for that we must learn to love ourselves. Once you start to gain access and power to your mindset, your whole life starts changing right before your eyes…